Virto B90 Titanium (a set)

Virto B90 Titanium (a set)

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Phonak’s Premium Titanium (In-The-Ear)

  • Battery size 10

  • Phonak’s newest, Premium in-ear tech.

  • Fully automatic

  • Almost completely invisible

  • Extremely comfortable and durable

  • 15 times stronger and 50% thinner

  • Made from medical grade titanium

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  • Superior speech in noise

  • Smallest in-the-ear hearing aid, period

  • Fits mild, moderate, or mod/severe hearing loss

  • 4 automatic programs 

  • IP68 rating - dust and water resistant

  • Sound Relax - controls loud sounds 

  • Put them in and forget them

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Included with every set of hearing aids (no extra charge):

  • We'll call and schedule an appointment at your home or our office - your choice.
  • A board certified specialist will bring your hearing aids and all the equipment.
  • A complete hearing exam and audiometric testing will be performed.
  • The hearing aids will be custom fit to your ears and adjusted for your loss.
  • We'll hook up any wireless accessories (TV, Phone), and ensure they are working.
  • A follow up appointment for further necessary adjustments.

Included with this set of hearing aids (no extra charge):

  • 2 Phonak Virto B70 Titanium devices
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty (a $250 deductible per device applies in the event of a claim)
  • 1 Year of unlimited in-office visits
  • This is a custom made product. We'll take impressions of your ears on our first visit, and deliver your new aids about two weeks later once they are manufactured.
  • Options for ongoing long term care Learn more...