Phonak TV Link

Phonak TV Link


You can stream your TV to your hearing aids in stereo using the TV Link and the Compilot together. If you already have a Compilot, then this is all you’ll need to start streaming.

  • Works with any TV that has an Audio out port

  • Easy pairing with your Compilot

  • Highest quality stereo sound

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The TV Link is easy to use. Just hook up the appropriate cable (it comes with all the wires you might need) to the audio out of the TV. Then, plug it into a power outlet, turn it and the TV on, lastly, turn the Compilot on, and place it around your neck. The TV will automatically start streaming to your hearing aids. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level for everyone in the room using your TV's remote, then adjust your level using the plus and minus keys on the TV Link. That's it; you're all done!


Direct Streaming From Your TV

Have you ever had disagreements as to how load the TV should be? With the TV Link, you'll never have that conversation again. Set the volume exactly where you want it, and your spouse can set it where they like it. You'll also enjoy enhanced clarity due to the fact it bypasses all other distracting noises in the room. You'll love the distraction-free clarity that comes with the TV Link.

The Back Of Your TV

Every TV is different but most newer TV's have audio out ports you can hook the StreamLine TV to. The best connection is the Optical audio out, so if you have one, use that.

TV Audio Out.png