Average is just not good enough, and that's why:

We only offer the top three manufacturers in the hearing aid industry.




Headquartered in Germany, Signia is the new name for Siemens Hearing Aids. They are one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world and one of the best. They were the first with rechargeable hearing aids and are the current leader in inductive charging. They specialize in remote adjustments via their telecare portal which is a unique feature they offer. The last couple of years have been exceptional for Signia as they have pushed ahead of the pack with industry-leading new technology. Including:

  • Inductive charging / The Nx platform / OVP (own voice processing
  • Dual core processors / Telecare 3.0 / New Cros platform / Direct streaming to TV and iPhone.



Phonak has been producing cutting edge hearing solutions for over 70 years. Originally they were known for their power hearing aids designed for profound hearing loss. They later developed some of the most robust wireless FM technologies that many schools around the world implemented in their class rooms. Over the years they took the knowledge they gained fitting children and profound hearing loss and developed technologies that have been ground breaking for everyone. Phonaks is headquartered in Stäfa Switzerland and are represented in over 100 countries. Some of their notable technologies that they have developed include:

  • AutoSense OS / SoundRecover2 / DuoPhone / SoundRelax / Phonak Rechargeable Technology
  • Direct ConnectivityCros technology for single sided deafness. 



We've had very positive feedback from our customers that have chosen Oticon. There technology is solid and sure, and they manufacture exceptional hearing aids. Oticon has produced a lot of industry firsts in hearing-aid technology, and their continued drive to foster future innovation keeps them listed among the best. A few key features they've developed include:

  • Opn Hearing Technology / BrainHearing / Speech Guard E / Spatial Sound
  • Direct to iPhone streaming / Connection to IFTTT