The New Pure NX Hearing Aids From Signia

**Warning – Insider Information ahead

Remember when Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading? I don’t want that to happen to you, so if you actively trade hearing aid stocks, STOP reading. This stuff is so new it might be considered insider information. Signia/Siemens just released their latest platform, the Nx. It might just be the best thing since sliced bread (and I love sliced bread). It’s so new that we haven’t even got our first pair yet (they are on order).

Some of the features include 1. OVP (own voice processing), which makes your voice sound awesome. 2. The most advanced noise canceling tech. 3. Direct to iPhone stereo streaming of music, phone calls, and TV. 4. Small, discrete form factor. 5. A little clip (coming in early 2018) that allows streaming to Android and flip phones. It’s awesome! With all these innovative features, you might want to try it yourself.

We offer a two week, no money down, 100% free, in-home trial. After the trial, you can hand them back (no cost), or buy them. If you decide to buy, we offer a 50-day, 100% money back guarantee, and we guarantee the lowest price. At Pure Hearing in Clearfield, these hearing aids come standard with a 4-year warranty at no extra cost. If your looking for a great gift for yourself or your loved one, the gift of hearing is the Best Gift Ever!! ***Remember, if you trade the stock, don’t blame me if the FEDS call.