The Indestructible Titanium Hearing Aid

Hi everybody. It's Jordan with Pure Hearing, and today we're going to discuss the Titanium Hearing Aid from Phonak. What can I say about the Titanium other than it's the best custom-made hearing aid that I've ever worked with! In fact, this hearing aid is so good that it is the only custom made, in-the-ear hearing aid that we offer on our website. Why offer anything else when you have the absolute best solution?

What makes it so special? Well, there are a few things. One, it's the material that it’s made from, titanium. It's 15 times stronger and 50% thinner than the normal acrylic custom-made hearing aids. Now, why is that important? Well, number one, because with that smaller size shell, they're able to fit more components inside the hearing aid and so it can fit a wider range of hearing loss. Secondly, It can fit deeper down in the canal. The closer the hearing aid is to the eardrum, the better the sound quality. Third, they're able to make the vents in the hearing aid larger, so it sounds more natural and more comfortable. Fourth, they're nearly invisible. In fact, in some ears they are invisible, depending on where exactly it fits in the canal. Lastly, you don't ever have to worry about wind noise. Your ear canals block that naturally, and they don't interfere with any of your normal activities. So, if you're into sports, skiing, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, whatever the events are, you don't have to worry about your hearing aids falling off or getting stuck on your helmet. You also wear headphones just like you normally would and take phone calls like you normally do. You just put them in and then go about your life.

Now some people will say, "Well I've heard about the Lyric from Phonak, the ones that you just put in the ear and leave there for a couple of months until the battery dies and then you have to go back in and get it replaced. How does this compare to that? Well, it's similar in the fact that they both go down deep in the ear. However, this one is a fully digital hearing aid, so we're able to customize the sound quality better than with the Lyric. You'll hear better, and actually, it's more comfortable because you're able to take them out and put them back in and let your ear breathe. Also, the cost of the Lyric is expensive at about $3,000 every year. Whereas with the Titanium, you purchase it one time and it lasts anywhere from five to seven years, so it's much more cost effective to get the Titanium over the Lyric.

Another thing that makes this hearing aid so great is that it’s the first custom-made hearing aid that has an IP rating of 68. What does that mean? That's an Industrial Protection rating, and it just means it's dust proof and water resistant. Deep down in the ear canal is a moist, waxy place so having an IP68 rating helps prevents a lot of problems.

It's the closest thing to not wearing a hearing aid, but actually wearing a hearing aid and getting the hearing help you need. It’s a fantastic product! Now one thing about the titanium is that it doesn’t have any wireless technology. The Titanium case prevents the wireless signals from getting through. So, I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any other questions, give us a call, or use that chat feature, we're happy to help. Thanks so much, and have a great day.