The Amazing Audeo B Hearing Aids

Hello, my name is Jordan with Pure Hearing, and today we're going to be talking about the Audeo B hearing aids from Phonak. Each time Phonak comes out with a new hearing aid processor or chip they name it. Their newest chip right now is the B for the Belong chip, the last one was V for Venture, and the one before that was the Q for the Quest chip. That gives you a little history on Phonak’s naming conventions.

Why have we chosen the Audeo B hearing aid as one of our favorite hearing aids? The answer is simple; Phonak has a history of creating technology that simply works, and that lasts for an extremely long time. Seriously Phonak, Siemens, and Oticon are the best manufacturers out there.

Now let me tell you a little bit about some of the features the Audeo B has to offer. First off, they have automatic programs that allow the hearing aids to analyze your environment and make changes based on those unique situations. So, if you get in the car, the hearing aid recognizes the road noise and makes adjustments for the car. If you go to a restaurant, it can make changes to help you hear better in the restaurant, and when you start listening to music, the hearing aid can switch to that program, so it's a more natural full sound. It’s like driving a car with an automatic transmission versus a stick shift; it's just so much more convenient!

The 90’s have seven automatic programs, and the 50’s have three. They both have the Calm program, the Speech in noise program, and the Comfort in noise program. Those three programs are the three most important ones. The B 90s have for additional automatic programs that the 50s don't have which include: Speech in Loud Noise (helps in very noisy places), The Car program, The Echo program (helps reduce reverberant sound), and the Music program. The extra four programs are very helpful if you're younger or more active, but if you have a more sedentary lifestyle, you won't use them as much.

One of the neat things that the 90s have that the 50s don't is the ability for the hearing aids to send sound data back and forth to each other. Why does that matter? Because using those signals, the hearing aids can narrow down speech in noise much better so that you can hear the conversations. The 90s also allow the hearing aids to stream the good sound signal from one side and transfer it to the other side, helping you hear voices more clearly.

Both the 90’s and the 50’s have SoundRecover. Phonak is the industry leader in this technology that takes High frequencies and compresses them into a lower frequency. If you have a high-frequency hearing loss, SoundRecover might be a great option to help you understand the conversation, not just hear it.

They also both have some great wireless options even though you do need an accessory like a Compilot II or the Compilot Air to use them. Using the accessory you can connect your hearing aids to your phone or TV via Bluetooth. It’s a really good connection that sounds fantastic and allows for hands-free phone calls in both ears.

Now, you may have heard that Phonak has a hearing aid that connects directly with a cell phone, and that is true. However, we’ve chosen not to offer the Phonak Direct, because it just doesn't work very well right now. In the future, they may develop new technology that we will be able to adopt, but currently, it’s just not up to our standards. Our goal is to offer you products that are truly exceptional, and the direct option from Phonak is just not there yet.  

Okay, let me sum up the Audeo B for you. It's one of the best hearing aids on the market today, and it does come in a rechargeable option which is great if you don't want to deal with batteries.

Thank you so much for listening, and if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call or use our chat feature. We're always happy to help! Thanks so much, and have a great day